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Talent for Success

You hire exceptional diverse talent but they leave

Why are women and diverse employees leaving?

You fixed your hiring pipeline. Outreach efforts, workshops, organizational partnerships, diverse leadership and empowerment yielded great results. Diverse candidates are applying, receiving offers, and starting roles within your company. Retention is the new challenge. 

Diverse professionals feel stuck and isolated

There is a disconnect between diverse talent and the organization

Women and BIPOC professionals in the beginning of their career are struggling to adjust to company culture shock and feel isolated. Experienced women and BIPOC professionals excel at their current role but feel unseen and stuck with no room for growth. These disconnects exist in fully remote, onsite and hybrid environments.

Managers are often operating by the same set of rules and principals that worked for decades. But the workplace is different now. With four generations in the workforce and one in four are racially diverse, old management frameworks won't cut it.

I help women and BIPOC talent flourish at work

My Career Catapult framework catapults talent to leadership

My career catapult framework results in talent:

  •  becoming leaders among peers
  • getting promoted to new roles
  • receiving recognition for their work
  •  gaining confidence
  • polishing their executive presence  
  •  spearheading special initiatives
  • representing in external spaces as a SME
  • thriving in their organization


 Organizations benefit from:

  • talent staying and thriving
  • teams transforming to spaces of inclusion
  • decision makers understanding how to better support diverse team members
  • individual potential being fully utilized


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