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I am a Catalyst

Catalyst: "an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action"

There is something nagging at you and keeping you up at night. You've made goals and action plans before. But there is this persistent problem you're unsure how to solve. You achieved reasonable results, but you're now ready for something bigger, you're ready to transform. 

As a catalyst I help individuals and organizations transform their goals or challenges into positive results. 

Approach for 

On LinkedIn, you’ll see the titles of what I do: data scientist and cloud architect. These titles are too narrow to describe who I am.

I am an energetic inventor who takes a puzzle and turns it 
into a product or an answer. 

This is what best-selling author 
Gay Hendricks calls, my Zone of Genius.

I take a multi-disciplinary approach to assess root cause and implement appropriate solutions that are co-created with my clients. I proudly use a blend of quantitative and qualitative data, technology, ethics, and empathy as tools during my process. 

I serve all who have an open mind and heart to transforming themselves or their organization. I have coached junior employees on successfully navigating their career through to consulting C-suite members on bridging gaps in their company's systems and processes. 

All that I do is from a heart of helping others and making the world better now than when I arrived. 

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